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Initiative phase: Early beginnings

A participatory and cooperative grocery shop


AlterCoop is a participatory and cooperative grocery shop that offers quality products at an affordable price for its members. The shop was started by citizens who wanted to create an alternative to traditional supermarkets.

The shop is managed in all aspects by the cooperative members themselves. Care is taken to offer products that promote a sustainable environment, health and society.

To shop at Altercoop, you have to be an active member of the cooperative.

Institution type/carrier




How is your initiative financed?

The cooperative is financed by the members' contributions.

Participation opportunities

To be able to shop at AlterCoop, you have to own a share in the cooperative (100 euros) and spend three hours a month volunteering for the collective.

The work tasks are very diverse.

What’s needed

Financing Engaged citizen


The aim is to build a community by giving citizens the opportunity to participate in a sustainable food project. Altercoop aims to give everyone access to healthy and decent food at an affordable price. By reducing the profit margin (no wages, short distances), it is possible to offer high quality products (organic, local, direct from the producer) that are about 30% cheaper than in other shops, with producers being better paid than in these shops. Altercoop wants to be an outlet for local producers and enable them to have a point of sale directly with consumers.

Target audience

Citizens of all ages, social classes, genders and nationalities.

Challenges and learning successes

On the one hand, it was a challenge to find a shop in Luxembourg. However, running the shop is particularly challenging as the team is made up entirely of volunteers. This makes sharing information, ensuring opening hours and dealing with fluctuations in the availability of team members a constant challenge.

Sustainability Targets

  • Zero Hunger
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure




Address & geo, Contact person

  • 18 Rue de la Cimenterie
  • Rue de la Cimenterie 18
  • 1337 Luxembourg
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