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Eis Brasserie Boulodrome

Initiative phase: Well established and running

Bistro with traditional and event catering. Local, regional, fair trade and/or organic products - Ecological, social and solidarity-based concept.

Eis Brasserie Boulodrome

"Eis Brasserie Boulodrome" meet & greet

opened its doors in June 2019 and is based on the same concept as "Eis Epicerie Zolwer", and even on the same values/indicators as those of EpiSol -Sanem s.c. - SIS.

From Monday to Saturday (& most Sundays), alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, two daily menus and seasonal snacks & pastries are available at all times, as well as festive menus and internal and external catering.s and internal and external catering on request (based on the same criteria for "Eis Epicerie Zolwer" products) are prepared/served/delivered and/or taken away.

These bistro, catering and event activities take place in the brasserie/restaurant, outside on the brasserie/restaurant terrace, in the large room on the 1st floor (for 50 - 75 pers.), on the "terrace" set up on the boules pitch(s) in the Hall du Boulodrome (for +/- 75 people) and, if required, externally for catering (delivery & service).

Institution type/carrier



EpiSol Sanem s.c. - SIS

How is your initiative financed?

Self-financing Donations & Financial contribution from the Commune of Sanem if necessary

Are there any additional partners or funders connected to your initiative?

Luxembourg Federation of Boules and Petanque

Participation opportunities

A shortage of staff/volunteers to cope with all the additional tasks arising from the considerable expansion and growth, particularly in catering at Eis Epicerie Zolwer and the activities of Eis Brasserie Boulodrome.

What’s needed

Financing Engaged citizen Part time volunteers Strong arms Expertise/knowledge


Our mission is to promote

  • responsible consumption by selling local, regional, organic, fair-trade and unpackaged products
  • anti-waste
  • social inclusion
  • reintegration into employment
  • values of solidarity
  • a local place open to all

Our vision is to

  • create a social and solidarity-based space
  • promote the circular economy
  • focus on ecological principles
  • place the human being at the centre

Our object (according to the articles of association):

  • is to be a cooperative society, open to all,
  • with the main object (Art. 2.1 of the Articles of Association) of setting up and running one or more solidarity grocery shops and operating one or more alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks outlets with catering.
  • This object (Art. 2.1 of the Articles of Association) is in line with the aim of supporting and promoting a social and solidarity-based economy, which is essentially based on setting up partnerships with organisations that are active in promoting social, ecological and economic activities - while at the same time favouring a community-based and participatory approach.
  • As an accredited cooperative & SIS (social impact company), with 100% social shares, any profits are paid into the statutory reserve, which is unavailable to cooperative members and is intended to strengthen and develop EpiSol's corporate purpose (Art. 9.4.1 of the Articles of Association).


Object & Social Impact (provided for in the Articles of Association and the SIS (Societal Impact Society) Agreement)

The following performance indicators will be taken into account (Art. 2.4. of the Articles of Association) when assessing the performance targets relating to the achievement of the purpose & social impact, or the distribution of "profits":

  • number of customers benefiting from the Sanem Social Office and the % of turnover (without profit) linked to the beneficiaries of the Social Office
  • local/registered, organic and/or fairtrade products and products from sheltered workshops and initiatives for socio-professional reintegration & voluntary work
  • number of jobs, SVO volunteers, students/trainees on vocational training courses
  • number of volunteers
  • and number of socio-cultural and -educational events in a spirit of diversity / cohesion / social inclusion

Target audience

The"Eis Brasserie Boulodrome" is delighted to welcome,

  • in addition to its loyal customers, a large number of the more than 300 players (competition and especially leisure members of the Cercle Bouliste et culturel Belvaux / Metzerlach and the Fédération des boules et de pétanque).
  • Apart from that, we organise events and catering in the large room on the 1st floor (for 50 - 75 pers.), as well as on the "terrace" in the boules hall (for +/- 75 people), for various meetings, assemblies, association and private parties, events, competitions, etc.
  • Finally, it's a meeting place / a third place open to all. Our aim is to provide access to healthy, balanced and responsible food for everyone, including financially disadvantaged individuals and families.
  • Eis Brasserie is located in the Boulodrome National in L-4480 Belvaux / Metzerlach, 184, Chemin Rouge and is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 11.30pm and Saturday from 2pm to 11.30pm.

Challenges and learning successes

Lack of staff,

  • in order to be able to properly take on all the additional tasks arising from the expansion and considerable growth of the activities of "Eis Brasserie Boulodrome", in particular those of the Restaurant and Catering departments.

Sustainability Targets

  • Eradicate Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Quality Education
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Climate Action




Address & geo, Contact person

  • Belvaux
  • Chemin Rouge, 184
  • 4480
  • Jos Piscitelli
  • +352 26 59 44 23
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