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SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber

Initiative phase: Well established and running

SuperDrecksKëscht® wants to contribute to environmentally friendly waste management on behalf of the Luxembourg government.

SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber

The SuperDrecksKëscht® is a brand developed within the framework of the circular economy strategy of the State of Luxembourg. It is based on the EU's prescribed strategy for environmentally friendly waste management, which puts waste prevention first, followed by preparation for reuse, recycling and any other recovery (e.g. energy recovery) and finally waste disposal.

The SuperDrecksKescht® has the task of using and applying the latest findings to realise sustainable materials management in an ecological and economic sense with high quality. With this task, it takes on a role model function in the ecological restructuring of our society. This exemplary function should encourage all actors involved in the national economy to protect the environment and to use natural resources with the required efficiency.

Waste management concept in companies and institutions:
Within the framework of the national waste management plan and the national plan for sustainable development, all stakeholders are required to work towards an environmentally sound, energy and resource-saving economic approach. This is also the goal of the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber, jointly launched by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the Chambre des Métiers and the Chambre de Commerce. The initiative supports businesses and institutions in implementing an environmentally sound waste management and prevention strategy.

Nowadays, the handling of waste (end-of-life products) places high demands on the waste producer. This concerns the proper collection, sorting and storage of waste products, the search for suitable recycling and disposal paths, the use of avoidance potentials as well as compliance with all legal regulations and the documentation of waste flows. The Waste Management and Avoidance Act of 21 March 2012 is particularly relevant in this context. SDK fir advisors support operators in developing individual waste management and avoidance concepts and thus combining ecology and economy.

The advice is free of charge.

Businesses that have environmentally sound waste management and prevention in their operations that comply with the SKD concept can be awarded the SDK label. The fulfilment of the criteria is checked annually.

Institution type/carrier

State organisation

How is your initiative financed?

The initiative is jointly managed by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development with the municipalities, the Chambre des Métiers and the Chambre de Commerce.

Are there any additional partners or funders connected to your initiative?

The initiative works with companies, public institutions and private individuals.

Participation opportunities

Specifically, companies and institutions that are interested in implementing ecological resource management and prevention can participate in SDK fir Betriber.

SuperDrecksKëscht® also has many other offers for other areas of public life. More information can be found here on the website.

What’s needed

Engaged citizen


Within the framework of the national waste management plan and the national plan for sustainable development, it is the task of SuperDrecksKescht to advocate for an environmentally sound, energy and resource-saving way of doing business.

Supporting companies in the introduction of environmentally friendly waste management through the implementation of waste prevention measures, the separate collection of all products, the environmentally friendly storage of waste and the treatment of products by authorised companies.

Target audience

Companies, associations but also private individuals

Challenges and learning successes

Unfortunately, the public still hears that operational environmental management measures such as waste separation and the use of alternative products are too expensive. However, the experience of many companies and facilities have now proven that the opposite is true. Ecological waste management brings noticeable cost savings and other benefits, such as in health care.

It is a constant challenge to convince the public of the benefits of sustainable waste management.

Since 1992, more than 3,500 companies have participated in the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber (SDK). Of these, 2,820 companies have received the seal of approval and more than 4,000 companies have joined the SDK network. A total of 220,000 employees work in the affiliated organisations.

The SDK has successfully addressed various challenges and gained valuable learning experiences. The initiative has received a very positive response from the companies, which show a strong interest in improving coordination from the moment they set up their operations

Overall, the SDK has created a positive impact on the business landscape and environmental awareness. It has helped businesses to minimise their environmental impact and take environmental responsibility. Due to the success of the initiative, there is a steadily growing interest in further improving coordination and cooperation between companies and relevant stakeholders.




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