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De Zwergengaart - Jardin Communautaire de Hünsdorf

Fase de iniciativa: Bem estabelecido e em funcionamento

Community garden in Hünsdorf

De Zwergengaart - Jardin Communautaire de Hünsdorf

The property belongs to the municipality of Lorentzweiler.

The garden has a total area of 17.95 ares. It is located in a quiet neighbourhood on the banks of the Alzette. The PC15 cycle path runs past the garden. A children's playground next door proves to be very practical for gardeners with children. In harmony with nature, the garden is a place of tranquillity, a place of exchange for the gardeners and a soil that provides plenty of healthy vegetables.

8 acres are cultivated and planted by the CIGR Steinsel Lorentzweiler employment initiative.

There are also 15 individual plots that are leased to private individuals.

The plots cost per year: ¼ acre: €50 // ½ acre: €60 // 1 acre: €70.

One plot is leased to "Transition Uelzechtdall" via a member, where various experiments are carried out each year, such as the production of seeds.

There is a garden shed in the garden where each person who rents a plot has their own space. Each gardener must bring their own tools.

Charles Dowding's idea of "no digging" without digging fascinated us and it was precisely this method that was implemented with the CIGR: A layer of unlabelled cardboard was laid on top of the mown meadow and a layer of compost soil about 20 cm thick on top of that. The beds were distributed and the planting work could begin.

Since this year 2022, we have set up compost bins in which the gardeners can make their own compost. However, most of them compost in their plot.

Tipo de instituição/transportadora


Como é que a iniciativa é financiada?

The garden is sponsored by the municipality of Steinsel Lorentzweiler, among others.

Oportunidades de participação

Anyone who is interested in gardening and is willing to rent a plot can take part.

O que é necessário

Cidadãos empenhados


The aim of the garden is to garden together and create a place for sharing, learning and community


Interested gardeners

Objectivos de sustentabilidade

  • Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis



Nome da Organização

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  • Rue Pierre Mergen
  • Seil Christiane
  • 26334047
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