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La Rose des Vents" community garden

Fase de iniciativa: Bem estabelecido e em funcionamento

Community garden in Esch sur Alzette

La Rose des Vents" community garden

This garden, which is part of CIGL Esch's "Edible City" project, turns the "Op der Leier" neighbourhood into a small oasis of biodiversity, creating a place to meet, exchange and learn.

Thanks to the local residents, educators and young people from the Formida centre, who are regularly on site and maintain the garden together with CIGL Esch, the garden creates connections and improves relationships between people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Founded in July 2018
weekly attendance to garden together
Seeds and seedlings are provided by CIGL Esch
Watering 1 to 2x / week in hot weather and selective care when needed.
Please respect the work of the Rose des Vents gardeners when you visit the garden and do not harvest without the consent of the group.

Everyone is welcome.

Tipo de instituição/transportadora

Organização sem fins lucrativos

Como é que a iniciativa é financiada?

The garden is sponsored by CIGL Esch, among others.

Oportunidades de participação

Anyone who is interested in gardening can take part.

O que é necessário

Cidadãos empenhados Voluntários a tempo parcial


The aim of the garden is to garden together and create a place for sharing, learning and community


Interested gardeners



Nome da Organização

Endereço / Geo, Contacto

  • Op der Leier
  • 4149 Esch sur Alzette
  • +352 621228916
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