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CELL draws the attention of users of the website to the following points:

1 - Access to the website

The user of this website declares that he/she has the necessary knowledge and means to access and use the website.

Access to the website and is free of charge. The cost of access to and use of the telecommunications network is borne by the customer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the provider and the telecommunications service provider.

The publisher of the website is not liable for circumstances beyond its control or for damage that can be attributed to the user's technical environment; these are in particular computers, software, network components and other devices for establishing connections or using the service or information.

Anyone who gains access to or remains in a computer system in an improper manner, obstructs or disturbs the proper functioning of this system, introduces data into it or modifies the data contained therein without authorisation is liable to prosecution.

2 - Intellectual property

All elements of the website, in particular the data, designs, graphics, photographs and sound recordings, are subject to the copyright, trademark and competition law protection rights of CELL.

It is prohibited to reproduce, display, distribute or make available for retrieval or incorporate into other websites, in whole or in part, any content of the Website by any means without the prior express permission of CELL. Any such action constitutes an infringement of copyright.

The trademarks of the publisher of the website and those of its partners, as well as the logos on this website, are legally protected trademarks.

Some contents (texts, images, etc.) may exceptionally be the property of their respective authors. These are used by CELL with the authorisation of the holders of the rights to this content.

3 - Content of the website

CELL endeavours to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate, up to date and complete and reserves the right to modify the content or presentation on this website at any time and without notice. Furthermore, CELL shall not be liable for any delays, errors or omissions in the content of its website, nor shall it be liable for any interruptions in the provision or discontinuance of the website.

The information on the website may be fragmentary due to the need to simplify texts; these texts are not binding. CELL shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for the accuracy, correctness, up-to-dateness or availability of the content reproduced on this website.

Furthermore, CELL is not liable for decisions of any kind made on the basis of the information made available on the website and for the use of this information by third parties.

Anyone wishing to make use of one or more services and/or product(s) presented on this website is requested to contact their CELL in order to obtain information on the contractual terms and/or prices applicable to such product(s) and/or service(s).

Access to products and services offered on this website may be prohibited to certain persons or in certain countries.

CELL does not offer products and/or services to any person if the law of the country of origin or the applicable law of any other country, if any, prohibits it.

However, it is the responsibility of each party involved to check in advance with its advisors whether the contractual arrangement of the products and/or services offered on this website is legally permissible.

4 - Technical Information

Users are advised that the confidentiality of messages transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed and that it is the responsibility of each user to take all necessary measures to protect data and/or software from viruses circulating on the Internet.

CELL shall not be liable for any circumstances beyond its control or for any damage attributable to the User's technical environment, including but not limited to computers, software, network components and other devices used to establish a connection or to use the service or information.

5 - Hypertext connections/links

The website contains hypertext links to other websites, which cannot under any circumstances give rise to any liability on the part of CELL.

CELL accepts no liability whatsoever with regard to the content of or any damage caused by visiting the websites linked via hypertext connections. The user visits other websites at his own responsibility and risk.

6 - Cookies

Users are informed that when they visit this website, cookies may be automatically installed and temporarily stored in the user's memory or on his or her hard disk. Cookies do not enable the identification of the user, but record information about his or her usage behaviour on the website.

Users of this website acknowledge that they have been informed of this practice and authorise CELL to use them. Users can disable these cookies via their browser settings.

7 - PDF files

To read a PDF file, users must download the latest version of the Acrobat Reader program. Note: This software can only be downloaded from a website other than the CELL website. On this website, the user is asked to fill in a personal questionnaire. If you do not wish to give your name and address, go directly to step no. 2 and download the software free of charge.

8 - Privacy

The personal data you provide through forms on this site or when submitting online application is processed by CELL responsible for handling the information for internal management purposes and to fulfill your request in compliance with the applicable data protection.

The confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted via the Internet cannot be ensured. CELL assumes no liability in this regard.

As visitor or user of this Website, you agree with the registration and processing by CELL of personal data relating to you for the following purposes: management of CELL’ clientele, including prospective clients, administration of contractual relationship, prevention of irregularities, establishment of statistics and tests, monitoring of the quality of the service, commercial prospection, or direct marketing as well as other products or services which are promoted by CELL or its affiliated entities.

You agree that this data may be communicated to any of CELL’ affiliates for the same purposes or to other persons for compliance with any legal obligation or in case of any legitimate interest. You also agree to such communications when the recipient party is located outside the European Union, whether or not an adequate level of protection is ensured for personal data in the country of reception.

Within CELL, access to your personal data collected through this Website is restricted to persons who need the data in pursuance of their duties.

You are entitled to request, in writing to the address given above or via the Website and free of charge, that CELL and its Affiliated Entities stop using your personal data collected through this Website.

You can contact us at the address given above to access your personal data and to ask for any changes to be made which are necessary to correct or keep the data up to date.

9 - Applicable law

The contents of the website are governed by the laws in force in Luxembourg.

Users accept the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts for all disputes relating to the content and use of this website.