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The participatory platform for transition projects in Luxembourg.

BiBe is an acronym that stands for citizen participation. The word in Luxembourgish is: BiergerBedéelegung

Bierger is the Luxembourgish word for citizen and Bedéelegung is the Luxembourgish word for participation. These two words form the vision and mission of our new online portal BiBe.

BiBE connects you with Transitions initiatives in your neighbourhood. If you have your own project or are planning one, we will help you publicise your project and find suggestions in your area.

This is how it works:

  • Spread the word: Create a free account and share your project or a Transitions initiative in your community.
  • Gain visibility, search for volunteers and find experts in your field.
  • Get inspired by existing projects or get involved and share your expertise to increase your positive impact.
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The latest initiatives at BiBe

Transition Days 2024

A festival to help shape our future

Tools for territorial resilience

A Workshop at LUCA on 15.05.2024


Léieruert fir Demokratie, Uechtsamkeet a Selbstbestëmmung

Jacquinotsgaart community garden

Local initiative centre for municipal environmental services.

March for Earth


Climate change in the Alzette Valley

Active participation opportunities for the inhabitants of the Alzette Valley on the subject of flooding and drought.

Boost Local Lëtzebuerg

Let's take back control of our local economy!


Luxembourg guide to the architectural integration of photovoltaic solar panels

Lëtzebuergesche Solarpräis

Since 2003, Eurosolar Lëtzebuerg has awarded the Luxembourg Solar Prize every 2 years


Luxembourg's energy cooperatives and their various projects are showcased on biergerpv.lu


What is BiBe?

BiBe - Bierger-bedéelegung means citizen participation in Luxembourgish

BiBe - Citizen participation for an ecological, territorial and solidarity-based transition in Luxembourg

BiBe - a project by CELL asbl. in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Development

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Would you like to get in touch with BiBe? Send us an email at the address below. The BiBe network is connected to the transition movement throughout Luxembourg. If you have an idea for a project or would like to propose a project, fill in the form below and someone will get in touch with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!