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Breedewee Community Garden

Initiative phase: Well established and running

A community garden created by the non-profit association Transition Minett.

Breedewee Community Garden

The plot is 300 m2 and the garden consists of outdoor plots, raised and flower beds, a greenhouse, berry bushes and a herb spiral. Further, there is a hut where the shared materials and tools are stored. It is located directly opposite Parc Laval (rue Large in Esch).

Everyone is welcome who wants to garden and become part of the community.

The cultivation plan is decided collectively and gardening is done according to the rotation principle (crop rotation). The compost is shared. In addition to garden meetings, meals are regularly prepared in the garden. In winter we make our own raised beds, insect hotels and nesting boxes in the Facilitec workshop.

Participation is free and there is no waiting list. Currently the group numbers 7-8 people.

If you want to get some of the harvest, you have to garden regularly on Saturday mornings. The harvest is shared.

The garden is also the delivery point for the green baskets of the vegetable growing collective TERRA, which are delivered once a week. Group visits take place again and again to get to know a practical example of positive civic action in the public space - e.g. students of social sciences of the UniLu, young people of the action "Vakanz zu Esch", children from crèches and kindergartens, pupils of various grammar schools, environmental commissions of neighbouring municipalities, SPOS teams, etc. ... and of course regularly children and families from the neighbourhood.

Transition Minett also regularly offers civic and educational activities here.

In 2017-18, the garden was also able to be analysed in terms of air and soil quality thanks to a pilot project by the environmental administration. In 2018, the garden took part in a participatory Citizen Science type research project in partnership with the national Transition network and the Natural History Museum.

Institution type/carrier

Non-profit organisation


Transition Minett

How is your initiative financed?

The garden is funded by Transition Minett and the city of Esch.

Participation opportunities

All those who are interested in gardening can participate regularly on Saturday mornings

What’s needed

Engaged citizen Strong arms


The aim of the garden is to create a place for intergenerational and intercultural encounters, to share knowledge, to promote local consumption and to practise organic farming.

Target audience

All are welcome, as long as the basic principles of a community garden are respected: Conviviality, courtesy, solidarity, mutual help, sharing, respect for others and the environment.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Zero Hunger Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainability Targets

  • Zero Hunger
  • Responsible Consumption and Production

Address & geo, Contact person

  • Rue Large, L-4204, Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Rue Large
  • 4204 Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Marjorie Coordinatrice du jardin
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