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CNDS Services de L'entraide

Initiative phase: Well established and running

A facility to support marginalised people.

CNDS Services de L'entraide

Services de l'entraide is an institution that supports people who have difficulties coping with normal working life and who receive integration assistance here. They are given the opportunity to regain their professional, social and psychological autonomy through work that is individually adapted to them.

The work is supported by socio-pedagogical supervision, which enables regular support for the persons concerned.

The target group has the opportunity to work in a variety of areas:
Organic vegetable cultivation
Work in a greenhouse
Gardening/care of the outside areas
Indoor care
Multi-purpose workshop (carpentry, cardboard boxes, suppliers, lighting cubes,...)
Sale, sorting & recycling of second-hand clothes and social laundry
Marking & maintenance of tourist trails
Forestry work

Furthermore, training courses in specific areas can be attended.

With regard to the garden, it should be noted that it is maintained and cultivated under particularly sustainable aspects. Attention is paid to regional, organic and seasonal planting, which is particularly well adapted to the climatic conditions of the region. In addition, the use of pesticides is avoided.

Certain services and selected products can also be used by citizens. Regionally and seasonally grown vegetables as well as home-made honey and jams can be purchased.
The Kleederstuff sells second-hand clothes as well as baby articles and games. The Kleederbitz offers clothing alterations as well as a whole range of home-made textile items such as bags, aprons and the like.

Furthermore, custom-made raised beds are sold.
The canteen can be visited and the menu of the day can be eaten there.

Services de l'eintraide also accepts donations of clothes and collects items that are large and bulky from homes, which are then redistributed to those in need.

Institution type/carrier

Non-profit organisation

How is your initiative financed?

The institution works together with the National Office for Social Inclusion and is thus supported by the state.

Participation opportunities

The services of the services de l'aintraide can be used by everyone and everyone is welcome in the local shop.

You can get actively involved, for example by donating your clothes for a good cause.

What’s needed

Engaged citizen Equipment


The aim of the organisation is to contribute to a more inclusive and open society.

The garden also aims to promote an ecological and sustainable approach to nature.

Target audience

The resocialisation measures are aimed at REVIS recipients.

The services and products are for all interested citizens.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Zero Hunger Decent Work and Economic Growth Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainability Targets

  • Zero Hunger
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

Name of Organization

Address & geo, Contact person

  • 14, in den Allern L-9911 Troisvierges
  • In den Allern, 14
  • 9911 Troisvierges
  • Andre Haler
  • 26957421
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