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Eis Kichen

Initiative phase: Well established and running

Eis Kichen is an inclusive restaurant in Wiltz that is open for lunch from Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Eis Kichen

Every weekday, the restaurant offers a lunch menu with three different daily dishes: a typical Luxembourgish traditional dish, a vegan dish with local, seasonal organic vegetables and an international classic.
People with psychosocial disabilities work in the restaurant team, both in the service and in the kitchen.
The restaurant is run by Cooperations- Entreprises Socio-Culturelles, which gives people with disabilities a permanent job and training through a network of different inclusive workplaces. The focus is on the person, their resources, needs and potential.

Institution type/carrier

Non-profit organisation


Cooperations-Entreprises Socio-Culturelles

How is your initiative financed?

The initiative is managed by Cooperations-Entreprises Socio-Culturelles. It is funded by the city of Wiltz and the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Participation opportunities

As Cooperations Entreprises Socio-Culturelles is a non-profit socio-cultural enterprise with a focus on culture, social participation and the development of potential, the initiative is always dependent on donations.

You can also support Eis Kichen by visiting the restaurant and enjoying the delicious lunch menu on site.

What’s needed



The aim of Eis Kichen is to give people with disabilities a permanent job and an opportunity to earn money, and to promote social participation and the development of potential.

Target audience

The restaurant is open for lunch during the week for everyone.

Sustainability Targets

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions




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