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Initiative phase: Well established and running

An energy cooperative founded by citizens with the aim of advancing the energy transition.


The cooperative promotes the production of renewable energy in Luxembourg.

At the moment, the cooperative has around 170 members. So far, the cooperative has installed six photovoltaic systems and produces enough electricity to cover the annual consumption of 325 people.

Institution type/carrier


How is your initiative financed?

The initiative is financed by the contributions of the individual members.

Participation opportunities

You may join the cooperative trough an investment in a new project, minimum investment 1000 €, under a subordinated loan methodology and obtain a share at a value of 25€ per 1000€ investment.
A maximum of investment tranches, and hence shares per member, are subject to a board decision, based on the project the business plan and equitable sharing among new and existing members.

What’s needed

Financing Engaged citizen


The aim of the cooperative is to promote and expand sustainable energy generation and production in Luxembourg.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Affordable and Clean Energy

Sustainability Targets

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

Name of Organization

Address & geo, Contact person

  • 12 Rue de Bourglinster
  • Rue de Bourglinster 12
  • 6112 Junglinster
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