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Initiative phase: Early beginnings

A citizens' cooperative and sustainable sales platform that promotes the sustainable development of Luxembourg.


Gringgo is a citizens' cooperative in which citizens, but also companies and organisations can become members. The cooperative invests its assets in sustainable local projects, which are selected according to social and ecological criteria. In addition to environmentally friendly management and an ecological range of products, these include strengthening the region, a pronounced social commitment and membership in a regional currency, the Beki. If at least two of the five criteria are met, a company can be supported by Gringgo. The aim is to promote and make visible the ecological and regional economic structure in Luxembourg and the neighbouring regions. The support can take various forms, including the purchase of shares in the company, the granting of loans, advisory services or the provision of working materials.

At the same time, Gringgo also provides the supported projects with an online sales platform. Products, services as well as cultural and tourist offers are to be presented here. The products offered range from textiles, kitchen utensils and care and cosmetic products to cleaning and food, but also green electricity and natural gas providers as well as construction companies offer their services.
Regional cycles are to be strengthened, sustainable economic activity expanded and social cohesion promoted.

Gringgo has existed in the canton of Réiden since 2020 and is now to be expanded to other regions.

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How is your initiative financed?

The initiative is financed by the members' shares and by the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture.

Participation opportunities

Citizens can participate by buying shares in Gringgo and purchasing products and services through the sales platform.

What’s needed

Financing Engaged citizen


The aim of Gringgo is to strengthen the existing regional and sustainable economic cycles and thereby promote the sustainable development of Luxembourg's regions. The focus is on sustainable, resource-conserving and regional production.

Target audience

All interested citizens of the Luxembourg Region.

Sustainability Targets

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Climate Action
  • Partnerships to achieve the goal




Address & geo, Contact person

  • 6, Jos Seylerstrooss L-8522 Beckerich
  • 6, Jos Seylerstrooss
  • 8522 Beckerich
  • Nancy Jans
  • +352 671 025 650
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