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Inner Transition

Initiative phase: Well established and running

Luxembourg's energy cooperatives and their various projects are showcased on

There are now many energy cooperatives in Luxembourg, which we at Eurosolar are naturally very pleased about. In order to give the various cooperatives better visibility, we at Eurosolar have launched the project. The main aim here is to give residents an insight into which cooperatives there are in Luxembourg and which systems they have already installed. The map is always kept up to date, we are in close contact with the energy cooperatives and organise workshops a few times a year.

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Participation opportunities

The various energy co-operatives can contact us at any time to add their new projects to the list. Citizens can contact us if, for example, they would like to know which co-operatives exist in their area and how they can get involved.

Sustainability Targets

  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities


  • PDAT 4: Accelerating the transition to a climate neutral territory

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