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Initiative phase: Early beginnings

Food Rescue Initiative


Initiative to save food especially vegetables and fruit that are crooked or do not meet the standard

Initiative to save food, especially vegetables and fruit that are crooked or do not meet the standard


The creation of the first imperfect shop in Luxembourg in the form of a cooperative.
Together with you, we fight against food waste!
no longer accept that food is thrown away and not eaten because it is crooked, grown too big or too small!
no longer accept that food is thrown away just because the best-before date has passed.
Support local and regional producers
Local producers - We support small, local (preferably organic) fruit and vegetable farms.
It is about time! We don't want to just talk anymore, we want to do something.

And how?

We support local producers through:
Labour: we support farmers and gardeners in harvesting or production through our volunteers or by paying for sorted out produce.

Local and regional trade: We support local and regional trade by collecting sorted goods, giving them the opportunity to actively tackle food waste and save on disposal costs.
We sell food at a "give what it's worth to you" price, because we want to preserve the value of food and still give people the opportunity to buy from us.

And where?

In a first phase in our pop-up market in Hosingen and later we want to open our shop somewhere in the north / centre. We take care that Epicerie sociale, Cent Buttek or other organisations that depend on donations are always in the first place.

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Law firm - YourLaw Besenius ferronnerie d'art sàrl Luxlait Maison moderne

Participation opportunities

If you are interested in our project and would like to join us, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

We are looking for people who want to work on the farm or help with our pop-up market

What’s needed

Financing Engaged citizen Part time volunteers Strong arms


crooked vegetables

Sustainability Targets

  • Zero Hunger
  • Quality Education
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure




Address & geo, Contact person

  • on.perfekt
  • Marbuergerstrooss 9
  • 9764 Klierf
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