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Pfaffental Community Garden

Initiative phase: Well established and running

Community garden in Pfaffental

Pfaffental Community Garden

This community garden was initiated by the City of Luxembourg in 2017.
There are no individual plots. The two-storey plot is cultivated jointly by the members. The garden is cultivated according to organic criteria, without pesticides, chemical fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Participation in the garden is linked to the payment of a membership fee. It is reserved for residents of the Pfaffenthal-Siechenhof neighbourhood.
Plots are currently still available and new initiatives are welcome. The garden offers a picturesque view of the neighbourhood. Just like Goethe, who once spent some time in a garden in this neighbourhood.

Institution type/carrier


How is your initiative financed?

The garden is sponsored by the City of Luxembourg.

Participation opportunities

Anyone who lives in the neighbourhood and pays a membership fee can take part.

What’s needed

Engaged citizen


The aim of the garden is to garden together and create a place for sharing, learning and community

Target audience

Residents of the Pfaffenthal-Siechenhof neighbourhood

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainability Targets

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities

Name of Organization

Address & geo, Contact person

  • Rue Mohrfels 37
  • 2158 Luxembourg
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