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The green belt

Initiative phase: Concept phase

a vital and life sustaining Network around the city of Luxembourg

The green belt

In 2023, the Ministry of Spatial Planning in Luxembourg has initiated a project named "Green Belt" with the aim of nurturing climate resilience. 

The project’s strategy entails a comprehensive delineation and cartography of a life-sustaining network encircling the city of Luxembourg. The aim is to shield these critical elements from escalating pressures and decline. Instead, the focus is on fostering regenerative efforts and instigating pioneering initiatives strategically positioned within this areas. 

Institution type/carrier

State organisation


Ministry of spatial planning (DATer)

How is your initiative financed?

by the state

Participation opportunities

active citizen particpation opportunities will take place soon. Workshops, online consultation to co-design the spaces part of the greenbelt

What’s needed

Engaged citizen Expertise/knowledge


The objectives guiding the design of the Greenbelt encompass several key aspects:
1.     Enhancing Air Circulation: A primary objective is to facilitate the controlled movement of fresh, clean air into densely populated areas and the heart of the urban center.
2.     Amplifying Ecosystem Functions: The project seeks to enhance the functions of both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, focusing on mitigating the risk of floods, elevating water quality, and effectively managing pollution.
3.     Cultivating Biodiversity Corridors: Another crucial goal is to cultivate and safeguard corridors of biodiversity. This strategy serves to fortify the strength and overall health of these ecosystems while simultaneously diversifying food production.


Support of ecosystems and their regulating functions for the benefit of the living (including humans)

Target audience

all citizens living in Luxembpurg city and surroundings

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Cities and Communities Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

PDAT 1 : Prepare Resilience of Territory

Sustainability Targets

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Climate Action


  • PDAT 1: Prepare Resilience of Territory

More on PDATs

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