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Transitioun Uelzechtdall

Initiative phase: Early beginnings

Local group of citizens who get together to launch transition projects in Mersch, Lintgen, Lorentzweiler, Steinsel, Walferdange(Uelzecht)

Transitioun Uelzechtdall

Group of citizens from the Alzette valley (municipalities of Mersch, Lintgen, Lorentzweiler, Steinsel, Walferdange) who are coming together to reimagine and rebuild the world by creating a healthy way of life that is part of the Transition movement, an inspiring, positive, evolutionary movement that everyone can join.

The aim is to tackle the major challenges of our time together by acting locally. Initiatives to raise awareness about waste and the disappearance of pollenators have been taken. Everyone is free to propose their ideas at one of our meetings and we will do our best to act together.

Institution type/carrier

Non-profit organisation


Mouvement de la transition

How is your initiative financed?

Membership fees and donations,

Are there any additional partners or funders connected to your initiative?

CELL, other local Transition groups, Enercoop Uelzechtdall

Participation opportunities

An open citizens' group where everyone can propose their ideas and we will act together.

What’s needed

Engaged citizen Part time volunteers


Creation of the energy cooperation Enercoop Uelzechtdall

Various awareness-raising actions

Target audience

Habitants of the communes de Mersch, Lingten, Lorentzweiller, Steinsel et Walferdange

Challenges and learning successes

Difficulty in keeping the group active after some very active members moved away.

Name of Organization

Address & geo, Contact person

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