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Kreeslaf sheep

Initiative phase: Well established and running

The first Kost-Nix shop in Luxembourg

Kreeslaf sheep

As part of the Reconomy Wiltz project, local residents have campaigned to open a Kost-Nix shop in Wiltz.

Currently a pop-up store in the resident Maker Space "CoLab", the "Kreeslaf Sheep" opens its doors every Wednesday from 10am to 12pm and every last Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm.

The members of this initiative have noticed in several visits to recycling parks that too many usable and sometimes new things end up in the "rubbish". Like many of our neighbours, Belgium, Germany and France, this group wanted to open a Kost-Nix shop to give a second life to these very things that would otherwise end up in the rubbish. Circular economy in its purest form!

The idea of this shop has been very well received in the region. In the first 3 days of opening, the "Kreeslaf Sheep" was already able to return 415 kg of books, clothes, toys, kitchen utensils, chairs, plants and much more to the cycle. In the meantime, more than 5 tonnes of items have already been returned to the cycle.

Institution type/carrier

Non-profit organisation


Transition Nord

How is your initiative financed?

The initiative is supported by Transition Nord and CELL.

Participation opportunities

The small group is always looking for people who would like to help with this project, so that the opening hours can be extended and we can give even more people the chance to decide against the throwaway society and for the "Kreeslaf sheep".

We are also always looking for household items in good condition (clothes, kitchenware, toys, books, decorations).
Anyone can drop off items at the Kreeslaf Sheep that they no longer need and take others with them that they have a use for

What’s needed

Engaged citizen Full time volunteers Part time volunteers Customers


Used items which are still in good condition but are no longer needed.


The aim of the project is to campaign against the throwaway society and for more circular economy.

Target audience

The project is aimed at everyone who is interested in making a contribution against the throwaway society.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainability Targets

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumption and Production

Name of Organization

Address & geo, Contact person

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